Triathlon Coach, Doug Kugley

I began running at about age 7…for shoes. That’s right, my Mom told me the only way to get a new pair of shoes was for my current pair to wear out. I figured the best way to wear them out was to run in them…so I did for three miles. I got a new pair of shoes and have been running ever since. After college, I got bored with just running. A friend of mine was a triathlete, and had been doing triathlons for years and had been after me for a while to do one…so he could beat me! Finally, in 1998, I relented and was hooked! After three years in the sport, I had to battle through non-triathlon related back injuries and eventually surgery. After extensive rehab, I made my way back, more determined than ever to excel. Since that time, I have been competing at a high level from sprint distance races to 70.3 contests. Throughout my journey in triathlon, I have met many inspiring people and have always been amazed at the genesis for their achievements. Ultimately, this is what led me to triathlon coaching…to help you reach your potential in triathlon.

Triathlon can be very challenging and intimidating, particularly for those new to the sport. I feel like this obstacle often keeps people from trying triathlon and unlocking the power it can bring to one’s life. The sense of accomplishment and empowerment that comes from completing a triathlon is unbelievable. My goal as your triathlon coach is to provide a structure and platform to help you experience a sport that has the potential to positively change your life.

Through Fast Splits Coaching, I am thoroughly committed to help you reach your full potential in triathlon through expert triathlete training. I will pass along all of my knowledge as an USAT Certified coach and all of my experience of over 10 years in triathlon and endurance sports.

Personal Records
Mile – 4:47
5K – 16:58
10K – 37:19
Half Marathon – 1:22:46

San Juan 70.3 – Top 12%
Miami 70.3 – Top 6%
Augusta 70.3 – Top 3%
Cooper River Bridge Run – Top 10%
St. Anthony’s Triathlon – Top 5%
New Orleans 70.3 – Top 8%
Florida 70.3
Miami International Triathlon – Top 15%